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I’m keeping it brief this week, as you already got a little extra on Sunday, and I’m under pressure for work today. Therefore, today’s blog is uncharacteristically all about the housekeeping/promotion side of this ‘being a debut author‘ lark. I’ll go back to the trivia of my daily life next week, promise!

So, without further ado, for those of you who missed it, here’s the video recording of the launch we did for Kaleidoscope:

Aside from a few work-related recordings which never get to be viewed beyond my colleagues, I don’t think I’ve starred in a YouTube video before, so this was another new experience for me. I hope you enjoy listening to at least some of what we have to say about the anthology.

Next week (from Monday 17th May) my author interview will also be aired on this brand new CJM channel too, so please do subscribe to the channel to stay updated.

The schedule is as follows:

·         Monday 17th May – Part one of our interview with CJM author Jinny Alexander

·         Tuesday 18th May – Part two of our interview with CJM author Jinny Alexander

·         Wednesday 19th May – A special reading from CJM author Jinny Alexander

Meanwhile, for those of you have already bought Kaleidoscope, please do take a minute to leave a review (on Goodreads or on Amazon) as this really helps a new author to build their profile. For anyone who wants to know more about the book, or where to buy it, pop over to this page of my website. For those who have already left reviews or messaged me privately with such lovely comments, THANK YOU. It really does mean a lot to hear such positive feedback and kind thoughts.

If you’d like to know more about the ideas behind my fairytale retelling, A Darker Shade of Pink, I have written an article on Medium, which you can access here. Again, please do take a minute to leave a comment as it’s very useful and important to me to build my visibilty before the novel launches next year. Thank you.

More next week,

Lovve, Jinny

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