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I am sorry. I was going to write intelligently and at great length – or exactly the correct length so as not to bore you – about Beta readers and how they help, but then this happened:

So that’s that. Almost.

I did spend some time this week collating the first two Jess O’Malley books, and checking that the details in each one don’t conflict with each other, so that’s fun. I’ve a long way to go with that, as I’m also doing chapter breakdowns and summaries of Book 1 as I go. I did this with Book 2 as I worked on it, and I’ve learned that I will do it as I write the sequels, but I didn’t even consider doing it for Book 1. The bonus of having finished the first two books in the series before either one is published is that I still have plenty of time to go over Book 1 and make sure it ties in properly. It’s a massive advantage as it means that things I learned about characters as I wrote Book 2 can be dripped into Book 1 as foreshadowing, or as subtle links to nudge memory as people read through the series, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tedious work going through chapter by chapter, line by line. Hopefully, though, it’ll win me brownie points when the books go to the editor and I’ve caught a lot more of the typos!

So, Beta readers, yep, they are very useful. I’ll expand on that next week. Meanwhile, kitten…

Love, Jinny

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