Ticking along

It’s so cold here today I’m typing fast to keep my hands warm…

…which is good, since I’ve slacked off on my blog for the past couple of weeks.

I’ve been mad-busy working on the fourth novel, prepping for a writing competition, and working on my MA, not to mention the day job of teaching and prepping classes.

If you remember, the subject of my novel in progress is a forgotten child, and I’ve been searching the fragments of my memory to build the story on a real-life snapshot of a time in my childhood. This ties in beautifully with the current module on my MA course: Writing from Life. In this course, we’ve been encouraged to search our memory drawers and find the stories lurking in the dusty corners and now an overlap of complementary fragments are giving me a novel, an assignment, and new, fun, ongoing family conversation. This week, my research has crashed head-first into curiosity and I’ve emailed the estate office to ask them more about my childhood home. This morning, I opened my inbox to a reply and I’m hoping to arrange a visit to meet with the current owner, covid permitting, in the spring.

In other news, the cover for Dear Isobel will be revealed very soon, and if you care to pop along to my Twitter or Instagram feeds, you’ll see the hints I’ve been sharing ahead of Monday’s full reveal. We will also have pre-order links available from December 1st, so it’s all getting very real and very exciting now.

As ever, thanks to Melany Hunt at Le Toi Photography for the cover image.

All quotes are from inside the book.

The rest of this day still holds more work on the novel – it’s about 55,000 words so far and will end up at around 80,000, but I’m racing to the end as I know where it’s going now. I also have to work on my assignment and coursework and go do some teaching so this is little more than the briefest of updates.


Love, Jinny.

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