It’s the final countdown!

With only days until the official release of Dear Isobel, things have got busy around here. I did my first Instagram live interview last night, with the lovely, bubbly, Shelly Mack. You can watch it here: Shelly Mack Interview. I had a great time!

Meanwhile, I’ve been making some fun graphics from photos of my book in the wild. I’ve been trying to match the locations to quotes in the book, just for the fun of it. I’ve been sharing them in dribs and drabs on Twitter throughout the week. Here are the first few – I’ll add others as I release them:

Meanwhile, my publisher has also been busy making graphics. Hers are even more exciting to me, as they feature snippets of reviews from my early readers, and represent the views of people other than those involved in the writing or publishing! Real live readers!!!!
Look! And, please, if you have read Dear Isobel, do remember that reviews are so, so important to new authors, to help boost the book into the public eye. Thank you to all who have reviewed so far.

I’ll continue to be sporadic in my blogging, because: life, but do watch my Facebook and Twitter posts for more regular updates.

The last piece of news is about the book launch. Please do follow my publisher’s Facebook page and Twitter feed because on Sunday 13th March, we have the live launch (18:00 UTC/ 6 pm GMT/ 2 pm EST) and I’d love you to join us!

On a serious note, I’m not ignoring the world news, and my heart is with everyone in danger or difficulty right now. Stay safe, wherever you are.

Love, Jinny

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