Something Wicked this Way Came

I’ve been quiet.

As many of you know, approximately five minutes after A Diet of Death was supposed to be launched, I terminated my publishing contract. Sometimes, the hardest decisions are the best ones to make: I know I did the right thing in getting out, even though it meant giving up my 3-book deal.

I won’t go into the details, except to say that I have filed a lengthy report to Writer Beware.

I’ve had time to lick my wounds; take some time out to complete my Creative Writing MA, and finish two new standalone Literary books. I have these entered into a handful of competitions, and once those are announced and finalised, I’ll go back to the long-drawn-out and somewhat soul-destroying process of querying until I find my perfect agent to take these books forward.

Meanwhile, I am also looking into another exciting option to get the cosy mystery series back out in the world, and hope to have news on that very soon.

For the next few days, I am throwing myself into research on marketing and then will be ready to hit the ground running once more.

It’s not much of a blog post, but it’s a start to the new start! I’m looking forward to the new chapter.

Love, Jinny

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