"A Splash of Beer"

by Jinny Alexander

Exclusive character backstory
A Jess O'Malley Irish Village Mystery Short Story (with no mystery!)
# Amateur Sleuth
# Cozy
# Slice of Life
# Mystery
# Whodunit

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Declan only gets a minor part in the Jess O'Malley Irish Village Mystery Series and he's no time for sleuthing, but hey, he's a player in his own realm, right? Dec's got girls to woo, pints to drink, and a life of Riley to live in Dublin. In this complete short story, there's no sleuthing and no mystery, but there's a whole lot of getting to know Dec, as he lands back into his homeland a few years before the Jess O'Malley series begins. Please note: Dec's a bit rougher than the main series and is quite the lad. There may a wee bit more bad-boy behaviour in this fun short story, just saying! Please also note, Jinny Alexander is a Brit living in Ireland, and writes in British English. Do let her know which other side characters you'd like to read more about in future short stories.