"The Early Adventures of the Lollipop Club"

by Jinny Alexander

Jess O'Malley exclusive backstory
A Jess O'Malley Irish Village Mystery Short Story
# Amateur Sleuth
# Cozy
# Whodunit
# Slice of Life
# Mystery

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This short story takes us back to Jess O'Malley's childhood, in a fun serving of backstory to complement the Jess O'Malley Irish Village Mystery Series. Jess, now seven years old, is doing her bit for Neighbourhood Watch. She's already rescued Mr Jenkins's cat but now Mr Jenkins has a suspicious visitor. Who is the woman and why is she in Mr Jenkins's house for exactly seven minutes? Why is Jess's brother Eric in a tree, and can Watson help the young siblings to solve the mystery before the bus arrives to take the mystery visitor away? This story introduces Jess and Eric's childhood love of sleuthing and the origins of the Lollipop Club they resurrect as adults when Jess, throughout the main series, stumbles on murder and mayhem far more often than any small Irish village should expect.